Expedição Monte Roraima  Mount Roraima Expedition 5

Mount Roraima Expedition

We can find on the Triple Frontier between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana one of the most primitive and majestic natural charms in the world, Mount Roraima. This mountain has about 2800 meters of altitude and 15 km of length of tepui, that is to say, a sort of mountain in format of table, in which, the top is composed by valleys, rivers, sculptural rock formations, waterfalls and even fauna and flora.

According to the Amerindians, Roraima is considered the heart of the Earth. Its waters and its rivers feed the basins of the Orinoco River, the Amazon and Essequibo. From prehistoric origins, Mount Roraima rose to the earth more than 2 million years ago, at a time when South America and Africa were united into one continent – Gondwana.

The nature of the route that leads to Monte Roraima is incredible, possessing from the giant ferns to the way of the Valley of the Crystals, to the beauty of the incredible rock formations unique to the waterfall of the instigating El Fosso. It is much more than just walking and camping, it is experiencing the unexpected, it is gifting the eyes with landscapes that appear to have come out of prehistoric tales.

With its unique formation, its mysteries, its stories and the odd experience necessary to conquer Monte Roraima make this expedition one of the most beautiful in the world. Tourism, started only in the 80’s, offers travelers a genuine contact with one of the most untouched regions of the planet.

The difficulty level is considered average. It’s really inspiring and you can not stay out of this. Want to recharge your energies, knowing one of the most incredible places of our Brazil? Curumim Eco Cultural tours offers you an incredible advantage, involving all the support and quality. Access to Mount Roraima is free for anyone, but it is recommended to have a good physical preparation to handle the trails.


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