Cristalino Lodge

Set amidst a private reserve of eleven thousand hectares in the Amazon Forest, the hotel offers a unique experience. It starts by the way we get there, a half an hour boat trip. The nearest airport is located in Alta Floresta, one of the cities that connect the state of Mato Grosso to many other Brazilian state capitals. You will need to get an hour transfer (by car) before starting the boat trip towards final destination.

In order to get in the hotel, you have to cross a suspended walkway that connects the river banks. Once there, it’s time to you enjoy comfortable bungalows, built in harmony with the forest, and go on trying activities to discover the charms and beauties of the southern part of the Brazilian Amazon. This is a region with wide habitat diversity. Its proximity with the Pantanal and Cerrado ecosystems allows many species of these scenarios populate the area, creating a zone with a rich biodiversity of birds, monkeys and butterflies.

All activities happen outdoors, for example, canoeing, hiking (held in small groups to provide a personalized experience), canopy towers (panoramic towers reaching 164 ft height), observation of fauna and flora and boat trips (tour guides help travelers observing wildlife on the river banks).

You can also choose from special tour offers:

Nature Tours – natural history tours, combining activities like canoeing, hiking through different tracks, excursions to the canopy towers during sunrise or sunset, flora and fauna watching and boat rides. Recommended stay duration: 4 to 5 nights.

Birdwatching – the rich birdlife of Cristalino accounts for 585 cataloged species (about a 1/3 of all bird species in Brazil). Recommended stay duration: 6 to 7 nights.

Photography – tours for professional and amateur photographers, led by guides able to provide an acute immersion into the Amazon. Recommended stay duration: 5 to 7 nights.

The hotel also offers bar service, restaurant, living room, library, presentation room, shopping place (clothes, books, local handicrafts and clothes for nature activities), floating deck (for bonfires at night), Wi-Fi, specialized guides, laundry and drinking water. Electricity is available from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm and from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm.

The region can be visited all year round – climate is hot from the beginning to the end of the year. It only gets a bit cold during night time from June to October. As with any tropical forest, there may be occasional storms generally followed by sunny and bright sky.

Cristalino Lodge partners with Fundação Cristalino, an organization that focuses on supporting the innovative model of responsible tourism. Every guest pays a fee to the foundation, which is dedicated to social work and conservation projects in the region. Several programs are underway such as educational activities for children and young people, scientific research and dissemination of knowledge, and monitoring of forested areas.



• Transfer between Alta Floresta airport and Cristalino Lodge.
• Accomodation
• Full board
• Daily activities accompanied by a local guide with equipment, boats and canoes (groups of up to 8 people per guide)