Pequena África Little Africa 1

Little Africa

We invite you to discover the sights that comprise the Historical and Archaeological Circuit for the Celebration of African Heritage. Morro da Conceição, Largo de São Francisco da Prainha, Pedra do Sal, the Hanging Garden of Valongo, and Cais do Valongo, are some visited by us. Usually the black people are portrayed only when talking about the slave system and on the tour it is inevitable to touch on this subject. However, our main objective is to break this paradigm and experience the region as the cradle of Rio’s black culture, the birthplace of samba and popular carnival. In the region, the black people reframed life in the diaspora, recreated affective ties, resisted, earned money, made art, loved, celebrated.
Little Africa is a very important place to connect with our ancestry and to understand that we are historical subjects no matter how official history denies us that. An unforggetable experience.