Bahia is one of the most charming states of Brazil, with a wide variety of destinations, ranging from deserted beaches to clear water lakes and waterfalls scenarios. Alongside nature and its beauty, a fertile culture allows travelers to experience good cuisine and integration with locals.

We are highlighting here two special destinations: Chapada Diamantina and Península de Maraú. The first one is ideal for those who love hiking and experiencing waterfalls and huge caves. It is also a must for travelers not intending to miss the cultural attractions related to the “Diamond Exploration Period” (19th century). On the other hand, Maraú is more a destination for relaxing – a place for unwinding and enjoying beaches and lagoon swims.

Precisely 245 miles away from the city of Salvador, Bahia’s capital, Chapada Diamantina houses the second biggest Brazilian waterfall called Cachoeira da Fumaça. Being a well-known postcard from the region, it bears an overwhelming 1,115 ft fall. Another surprising attraction is Morro do Pai Inácio, a hill where people often gather at sunset time. It is simply a unique and intense experience watching the spectacle of nature from its 3,700 ft height. Plus, travelers can also have a swim in the impressively clear waters of the Poço Azul and Pratinha.

Well-preserved cultural traditions also give prominence to the region. Religious and traditional celebrations like the “Three Kings’ Day” (January), “Festa do Divino” (May) and “St. John’s Day” (June) cheer up towns and villages of the Chapada region, places such as Lençóis, Vale do Capão e Mucugê. Colorful decorations, garments and accessories can make the scenario even more charming.

The other place we spotted is Península de Maraú, located about 300 miles away from the capital, including the speedboat trip across the river. A not very easy route guarantees a peaceful stay. Once there, you will enjoy the natural water swimming pools of Taipu de Fora, a place that, at low tide, houses colorful fishes that please the sight of divers and the fresh water lagoon called Lagoa do Cassange, a place very close to the sea framed by coconut trees.

Since it is a faraway destination, Cassange is an even more peaceful place; it is also a perfect setting for kayaking and canoeing, playing racquetball or simply lying down on its golden sand.


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