Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

The small and exclusive jungle lodge is just across the Parque Nacional de Anavilhanas, a protected area in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Installed on the banks of the Rio Negro and at about 110 miles from the capital of the state of Amazonas (Manaus), the lodge can be accessed either by a two and a half hour car trip or by a 35 minutes seaplane flight (optional). There is a plus in this last choice: a great view over most of the archipelago.

The Parque Nacional de Anavilhanas is a national conservation area that covers around 400 islands of the Rio Negro, totaling an area of 350 hectares. The area is a public domain land and visitors are allowed only for educational purposes. Beautiful landscapes, endemic species and peculiar conformations of the Amazon rainforest – that is upland forests, lowland forests and flooded areas almost all year round, known as igapó forests – bring about a unique ecosystem. The Rio Negro is the longest river of black water in the world, being navigable for about 450 miles upstream of its river mouth.

To explore so many delights, the lodge offers a wide variety of activities. According to the number of days you planning to stay in the hotel (around two and five nights), essential attractions are scheduled for you to experience Amazon entirely and safely.

All tour packages include some of the available routes, such as the Nocturnal animal watching on Anavilhanas Archipelago – where we explore igapó forests in search of sloths, birds, snakes and alligators; the Stopover to see the Amazon River dolphin and to the craftspeople of Novo Airão (first, we see how pink river dolphins approach a floating platform in search of fish, then we spend some time at the artisans workshops where decorative items and toys are crafted with buriti, inajá and açaí palm straws and pieces of wood); and the Recreational fishing of Piranhas (we take wooden canoes to catch this typical fish found in the igarapés – river streams – of the region).
Longer tours allow travelers to go canoeing through the igapós and igarapés using local wooden canoes for up to two people; visiting a local community (also canoeing through the Rio Negro) to get to know the lifestyles of natives, their traditional crops and social organization; and travelling on a speed boat to reach the Grutas do Madadá, a place featuring huge caves located 30 miles up the Rio Negro. In this last attraction, a three hours track gives us the opportunity to observe the peculiar rock formations. The journey ends with a picnic in a viewpoint over the river.

Lodge installations feature cabins and bungalows with a great view over the forest. Installations include a swimming pool and a 42 ft high viewpoint deck (both towards the Rio Negro and Anavilhanas Archipelago), a TV lounge, a pub, a floating deck path to the river, a little shop (regional handicrafts), table games and books. Tour packages include full board, snacks in the afternoon and drinking water with no restriction.