Ilha Grande

The three-day immersion tour in Ilha Grande, a paradisiacal island located in the Costa Verde of Rio de Janeiro, combines diving in crystal waters, trekking through the woods to get to the top of mountains and waterfalls, as well as meditating and stargazing.

The trip is done onboard of a comfortable sailboat that offers air conditioning, private bathrooms, healthy meals and a glass window in the ship hull for marine life viewing. The navigation takes place in safe and secure areas, so first-time passengers don’t need to worry about. What final destination is about? Perfect scenarios for re-energizing the body, mind and spirit, enchanting places like Lagoa Azul, Sítio Forte, Cachoeira da Feiticeira…

The point of departure and arrival is the Marina Verolme in Angra dos Reis. The tour also includes activities such as stand-up paddle, surf, identification of marine species and a Brazilian cuisine cooking class.

Mind, Body and Spirit Expedition

1st Day

1:30 pm: Departure from Marina Verolme – Rodovia Rio-Santos, Km 469 / Angra dos Reis-RJ
Introduction on safety and environmental issues.
4:00 pm: Arrival: Appetizers in Palmas
Stand up Paddle + Snorkeling + Meditation
Dinner on board / Music and rest / Overnight

2nd Day

7:00 am: Breakfast
8:00 am: Trail to Lopes Mendes, Surfing and Earth element meditation
12:00 pm: Appetizers on board
2:00 pm: Sailing to the Estrelas bay
4:00 pm: Identification of the local marine species
Stand up Paddle + Snorkeling
Dinner on board + Brazilian cuisine cooking class
Drinks and identification of stars
Overnight at Saco do Céu

3rd Day

7:00 am: Breakfast
7:30 am: Trail to the Cachoeira da Feiticeira waterfall – Water element meditation
11:00 am: Departure from the Estrelas bay
12:00 pm: Arrival at Marina Verolme