Many are the attractions of Paraty, a historic town along the coast in the so-called Costa Verde, about four hours drive from Rio de Janeiro. Our tours combine classic attractions, such as visiting the Old Town and cachaça distilleries, with unexplored attractions as we sail through the islands, such as kayaking at Saco do Mamanguá and cultural visits to the Quilombo Campinho and caiçaras (local fisherman) communities.

For the ones looking for adventure, the tip is to follow a channel strait that goes along the mountain ranges, forming more than 30 beaches over eight kilometers. That’s the way Saco do Mamanguá is, a place that can be explored on board of canoes and ocean kayaks. The landscape is pictured with mangroves, islands, Atlantic forests and tropical fjords, forming amazing scenarios.

As we get on land, we deeply experience local culture in the Quilombo do Campinho. Founded in the end of the 19th century by three former women slaves, the quilombo community nowadays is formed by 120 families. As the tour goes on, we get to know the stories of the descendants of slaves, traditions, art and cuisine while enjoying direct contact with nature in abundance.

Among the activities offered, we highlight the visit to the agroforestry, the storytelling with the griôs (oldest inhabitants of the Campinho), jongo or percussion cultural presentation and visiting family residencies; that is Casa de Artesanato and Casa da Farinha. The area also features a restaurant where typical dishes and drinks are served. We recommend traditional quilombola fish with plantain farofa, shrimps and peach palm heart on butter.

To get to know a caiçara community, we need to take a boat towards the Ilha do Araújo. Once there, local culture is the attraction. Crafts, schools, local library and churches became a part of the tour. Full of natural beauty, the island is also worth exploring from its tracks that lead to beaches with crystal clear waters and scenic viewpoints.


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