Modern Arquitecture

Rio de Janeiro is a remarkable city also thanks to its modernist architecture. This style has dominated much of the scenario in the country from the 20’s through the 70’s. Nowadays, such examples add a dose of charm to most of Rio’s neighborhoods, especially in the Center Town. There are projects signed by Oscar Niemeyer, Affonso Eduardo Reidy and the brothers Marcelo and Milton Roberto. Some buildings feature gardens designed by the landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx and huge panels crated by Candido Portinari.

Among the highlights, we find the buildings Palácio Gustavo Capanema (designed by Lúcio Costa, Jorge Moreira, Affonso Eduardo Reidy, Carlos Leão, Ernani Vasconcelos and Oscar Niemeyer); and the Brazilian Press Association Headquarters (Marcelo and Milton Roberto).

What draws attention out of the “main circuit” is the housing complex of Mendes de Moraes, in São Cristóvão (North Zone), designed by Reidy and inaugurated in the 50’s featuring gardens, a lake and artwork. Better known as Pedregulho due to its location – Morro do Pedregulho – the housing complex is no longer glamorous as it used to be, but its pillars and curving shape still delight architects and urban planners.


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